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Advancing health Changing Lives

APPSUKF Is A Charity Run By Medical Professionals In The UK

we are working to save lives, to combat poverty and disease and to help eradicate poor health care in Pakistan. The organization is made up of some of the UK’s leading Medical practitioners including surgeons, physicians, pharmacists and other professionals.


All people have fundamentalrights to health and dignity. Therefore we are heavily involved in projects which help to ameliorate poverty, hunger, social deprivation, human rights particularly for children and women.


We work mainly in Pakistan to provide access to an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare via our mobile health care units, support Coeliac disease units in Peshawar, Lahore and soon in Baluchistan, Restore Vision camps etc.

In Places Like Pakistan

Feeding and clothing the poor, supporting education for orphans, Women Empowerment projects like sewing centres and IT skills centres is some of the other work we do.

Organisation Objectives

• Improve nutrition and social well being in the poverty stricken and vulnerable communities around the world particularly Paksitan.

• Measurable improvements in health and wellbeing of patients attending the medical centres we support.

• Capacity building of localprofessional and technicalpartners.

• We eventually believe in self -help and long term sustainability of our recipients and local partners - as shown by our “I WANT TO EARN NOT BEG” programmes.