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Advancing health Changing Lives

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Health & Medical

Charity projects for human health


Providing education to poor and needy

Food & Others

Support families with food

Advancing health Changing Lives

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Flood Relief

Advancing health Changing Lives

News and Events

Team APPSUKF in Morocco

APPSUK Foundation arranged dental and mouth hygein camp in 2020...

Eye Camp With Our Collaborators POB in Karachi

Arranged free eye camp in karachi...

Eye Camp 2019 ( Pre-COVID )

APPSUK Foundation arranged eye camp in 2019...

Gluten-Free Flour

APPSUK Foundation distribute gluten-free flour too poor families...

Mobile Clinic in Dina

APPSUK Foundation arranged mobile clinic in dina...

Free Eye Camp In Dina

APPSUK Foundation arranged free eye camp in dina...

Advancing health Changing Lives

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