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We facilitate marriage of the orphan girls when ‘finance is the only problem’ after ensuring that the lady is happy for the marriage to proceed.

Women Empowerment of APPSUKF

Has shown excellence through its ‘Underprivileged Wedding Project’ for orphan girls under the leadership of Chair Dr Tahira Arshad Ali, Consultant in Acute Medicine at Bolton Royal, Lancashire.There are many women who find difficulty to marry due to social injustice which demands basic needs of marriage and items of everyday use for a home.

Chair Gifts of Garments Project, Ms Kandeel Anwar provides 3 slightly used bridal dresses for every underprivileged wedding whereas UWP offer the necessities costing £150 each.

This amount will buy pans, cooking utensils, sewing machine, fan and a bed. Our local chapter collects £50 worth of local money as well for the basic event and act as the guardian.

Please Help

A sister / daughter to be the Queen of her home by sponsoring one marriage.

APPS UK Foundation
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£150 or any amount please

May Lord bless you and your family and give reward in this world and hereafter Ameen.