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Our aim is to provide high-quality ongoing primary care facilities and promote health in rural areas of Pakistan. A high percentage of the population in Pakistan live in villages where health care facilities barely exist. Our well equipped ambulances with free clinics are helping people in Dina,South Punjab and Shikarpur areas.

There are detailed records of all activities which are kept for monitoring and auditing purposes. They will also help us identify any issues and help improve the service on an ongoing basis. In terms of the project expenses, the initial setup would be looking into the cost of basics such as medical equipment, gloves, and stationary as well as the higher-end costs for vehicles and clinical conversion costs. Overall setup costs are usually around 6000£ and the monthly running costs, which include wages, petrol costs and medication costs would be around £1100, which can be achieved with your help.

We are looking for donors who can support these projects on an ongoing basis or by setting up a standing order.

Advancing Health Changing Lives

Dina Mobile Health Clinic

In late February 2024- Our Trustee Dr Taimur Mirza visited Dina Mobile Health clinic and audited patients register and met with staff. He had constructive meetings with Health Care assistants managing triage and medication supplies.