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The incidence of disability (especially amputation) is very high in Pakistan due to various causes such as accidents, tumours or diabetes.

If you take a step today, they will be able to take one tomorrow. APPS UK Foundation is aiming to provide 100 artificial limbs free of charge to amputees in Pakistan who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

Surgeon Dr Sheikh successfully completed this brilliant project with his team & Mr Tanweeer in Rehabilitation centre Chiniot. 100 prosthetic lower limbs were fitted to deserving patients. Project completed in December 2018.


Advancing Health Changing Lives

We Have Lot More Requests

So Please help APPS UK Foundation to give an amputee in need the chance to walk again.Our team of doctors, led by Consultant Surgeon Dr. Amjad Gulzar Shaikh will carry out the operations completely free of charge. We are just raising funds to purchase the limbs, parts, and medication.

  • 1.3K
    Finished Projects

    We have already built 1.3k schools all
    over the world to educate children.

  • 5m
    Donated Money

    Donate money to build more schools
    and help to educate them.

Allah (SWT) Says:

Spend from what We have provided you before death comes to any of you, whereat he will say, ‘My Lord, why did You not respite me for a short time so that I might have given charity and become one of the righteous!
(The Holy Quran 63:10)

All your donations will make a massive difference. A new prosthetic leg costs £600, and every generous contribution, no matter how small, will help us achieve our goals and is greatly appreciated.

Please donate your Zakah and Sadaqah and help the APPS UK Foundation give someone the chance to rebuild their life.